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::  Drug Trafficking

::  DWI and Your License

::  DWI Criminal Penalties

::  DWI Test Refusal

::  Fighting Your DWI

::  First Offense DWI

::  Repeat DWI/Felony DWI

::  DWI Under 21

::  Fighting a Syracuse DWI

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::  Fighting a Jefferson County DWI

::  DWI FAQ's

::  NY DWI Laws

::  DWI Checkpoint Issues

::  NY Zero Tolerance Law

::  Aggravated DWI




::  Domestic Violence

::  Harassment & Contempt

::  Theft Crimes

::  Shoplifting

::  Petit Larceny Shoplifting

::  Weapon Charges

     ::  Sex Crimes
     ::  Syracuse Rape Defense
     ::  Marijuana Offenses



Traffic Violations

::  Traffic Violations

::  Speeding Tickets in Onondaga Co.

::  Speeding Tickets in Syracuse

::  Speeding Tickets in Jefferson Co.

::  Syracuse Speeding Ticket FAQ's

::  Traffic Violations Lawyer Cicero, NY

::  Traffic Violations Lawyer Clay, NY

::  Traffic Violations Lawyer Camillus, NY

::  Traffic Violations Lawyer Dewitt, NY

::  Racing & Reckless Driving

::  Driving without Insurance



Federal Crimes

::  White Collar Crimes

::  Federal Sentencing Guidelines

::  Rape

::  Sexual Abuse

::  Child Sexual Abuse



Probation Violations


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New York Criminal Defense Lawyer serving Syracuse


The Best Defense? 
A Strong Offense and DeRoberts Law Firm


What do you want if you've been charged with a crime? You probably want to get the charges dropped, stay out of jail and keep the offense off your record. You want to wake up from the nightmare.

That's what we do. We stop the nightmares. At DeRoberts Law Firm, we help soften the blow of a DWI arrest, avoid jail time for fraud and retain your driving privileges whenever possible. We have local knowledge and experience and are in court on a daily basis. We know the prosecutors, the judges, how the system works and what to expect. How do we mount an effective criminal defense? Often, it is with a preemptive attack. We assault the prosecution's case one bit of evidence and one witness at a time, so our clients are in the best legal position possible. We are aggressive during the initial investigation and court appearances, so we can either get your charges dismissed or, at minimum, we gain leverage for negotiations and leniency.


New York Drug Charges Defense Lawyer and DWI Attorney


Since 1993, attorney DeRoberts has been a vigorous defender of the rights of those charged with a DWI, drug crime, sex crime, white collar crime or other misdemeanor, or felony charges in state or federal court.

If you are under federal investigation, or have been charged with a crime, it is not the time to put your fate in the hands of someone who is learning on the job. Trust the experience, dogged determinism and vigorous defense provided by DeRoberts Law Firm.


Experience and Personal Service


It is not necessary to hire a large multi-attorney law firm to get a good defense. Through hard work and determination, DeRoberts Law Firm can exceed much larger firms for quality of representation, but they cannot match us for personal attention, accessibility and affordable defense.

Aggressive Criminal Defense Since 1993

If you are looking for a Syracuse criminal defense attorney to protect your rights, look no further.


Call 315-479-6445, or send an e-mail for a free initial consultation.






DeRoberts Law Firm practices divorce and family in Syracuse and Central New York, including Auburn, Ithaca, Binghamton, Cortland, DeWitt, the Finger Lakes region, Geneva, Canandaigua, Oswego, Watertown, Rome, Utica and all communities of Onondaga County, and Cayuga, Cortland, Oneida, Oswego, Madison, Jefferson, Franklin, Herkimer, Seneca, Tompkins, Ontario and Wayne counties, NY.



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